Saturday, July 2, 2016

Watch our handsome boy grow.....Month 12

How can it be that we are done with your chalkboard already......honestly it was getting pretty hard to remember with 2 very busy little boys so I am glad this milestone is behind us!!
 Does that board really say 1 year can that be???

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Watch our handsome boy grow....Month 11

 I cannot believe that this boy is almost 12 months old! Time flies when your having fun!!

Monthly pictures are getting tricky! This guy is on the move!!!

11 months old and counting......

Beckett Allen, sadly I must admit that you really aren't a baby anymore. I cannot believe that you are turning 1 in a few short weeks. It's so cliche to say it doesn't seem possible but it truly doesn't seem possible and yet I can't remember life before you. Your personality is really starting to reveal itself and I'm thinking you may be our trouble making, rule breaking, fearless, wild child. You are a mess and you keep us on our toes at all times!! Even with your rebellious streak you are so sweet and love climbing into our laps, wrapping us up in a big hug with a shoulder pat included, and planting big slobbery, open mouth kisses on our lips!!

The facts:
You are currently tipping the scale at 24.12 lbs and 29. 1/2 inches. You are wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes but we have slipped you in a few 18-24 months and they aren't huge. Ha. You continue to wear size 4 daytime and night time diapers. 
Your daily schedule starts with a wake up call at 6AM to nurse followed with breakfast with daddy. You get to school about 7:30AM and mommy or Dee Dee pick you up at 5PM. You have 2 snacks, lunch of purées, and 3 5oz bottles at school. We have dinner at 6:30PM and then you nurse at 8PM for bedtime. On the weekend all rules go out the window because you nurse on demand whenever you want. Ha. You like all fruit purées but will not eat vegetables and in general you prefer table food over purées. 
You are sleeping in your crib, on your tummy, with 7-8 pacifiers(to make sure you can find one). You are consistently sleeping through the night but still wake up once or twice some nights but you are able to self soothe back to sleep.  
Things you are doing:
You are becoming more vocal this month but purposeful words and sounds are still few and far between. You can say the following although you don't often: Yay, bye-bye, mama, dada, and bubba. You are the definition of a "motor baby," you crawl everywhere and you are FAST!! You are pulling to stand, pivoting between surfaces, walking with a push toy, and standing independently. You even started taking 1-2 steps away from support this can slow down at any point because this is all happening too fast. 
You are so sweet and you reach up from tall kneel when you want to be picked up. You give big bear hugs with a pat included and give the best open mouth kisses there ever was!!
As sweet as you are, you are just as equally WILD! You race to the open fridge, pantry, dishwasher, garage love to empty the bottom bathroom drawer, the Tupperware, the pots and pans. You love to wrestle with your bubba or daddy and have started enjoying "chase." You can roll a ball and you can crawl pushing cars!
At this point you prefer table food over purées but your absolute favorite is ice cream!!

Things you like: throwing balls, giving open mouth kisses, emptying bathroom drawers

Things you dislike: diaper changes because you must be still and nose sucking

Big events: First New Year, Dallas

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Watch our Handsome boy grow.....Month 10

 Another month of growing is in the books!
 10 months is way too close to 12 months for comfort!!

10 months old and counting.....

Beckett Allen you are ALL OVER the place now. You are fast and mischievous! We can't take our eyes off of you as you are constantly either trying to make a mess or trying to injure yourself. I truly thought you were going to be a laid back rule follower like your brother but boy was I wrong! My absolute favorite thing right now is watching you and Braxton develop a true friendship. You love to follow him around and try to "play" with him (destroy what he is doing). 
I feel so lucky everyday because somehow I managed to get 2 happy, healthy, sweet little boys. We love you and your chuckle(you will not truly belly laugh) forever and always!!
The facts:
You are a chunky monkey but also super healthy so I don't have stats for your current height and weight (no doctor visits). You are now wearing 12-18 month clothes exclusively and size 4 diapers. We use overnight diapers size 4 at nighttime as they hold more. You have transitioned into convertible car seats in both vehicles since you outgrew your carrier but will continue to rear face until at least 2. 
You now have 7 teeth and your super blond hair is finally starting to grow a little bit. 
My milk supply has decreased slightly this month and so you have started receiving 1 bottle that is half breast milk and half formula at school. Here is your current schedule: Nurse 6AM, three 5oz bottles at school along with two 4oz purées, dinner with table food around 6:30pm, and bedtime nursing around 8PM. You are actually a bigger fan of table food versus store bought purees.
We took the plunge this month and decided it was time for sleep training. I didn't actually mean to do it but I was not overly tired one night after nursing you at midnight when you woke up crying. I rocked you to sleep and as soon as I laid you down you started crying, I picked you up and you stopped immediately, and I realized I was getting played. I decided to lay you down and pat your back and give you paci but NOT pick you cried and I cried and after 2 hours I threw in the towel and got your daddy who then continued with my plan for 3 more hours before you finally gave it up and went to sleep! That is right, you cried for 5 hours straight but not hard and a pat on the back made you stop immediately. After night 1, we went with daddy's plan and actually left the room after laying you down and patting. You were asleep within 30 minutes and each and every night keeps getting better and better!! YAY! We all desperately needed sleep and we are finally getting it. Even on nights that you wake up and cry out, you put yourself back to sleep within 10-15 minutes.

Things you are doing:
You are such a busy body!! Crawling everywhere, especially racing to open toilet lids, refrigerator doors, the dishwasher, and the garage door. You are pulling to stand on everything. Climbing like crazy, onto the couch by your little recliner, onto the hearth, and onto the dishwasher door if we don't catch you fast enough!
You have just discovered emptying and I am afraid that it is going to be your favorite. Right now you limit the destruction to the bottom drawer in the bathroom, the koozie drawer in the kitchen, and the Tupperware cabinet. Your favorite activity right now is playing with Braxton which really means destroying and aggravating him. You love for Braxton or daddy to crawl and chase you just like your big brother when he was little. 
You have discovered how to properly play with cars and balls which is very cute to watch. You love to dance to music by rocking back and forth on your bottom, you are laughing a lot but still no huge belly laughs, its more like a chuckle, and you give the best open mouth kisses!!!
When I get on to you or tell you NO you turn, smile, and wave at me. Its cute for now but I'm nervous for our future with disciplining you. HA

 Things that you love: Racing to open doors, Kisses, and chase
Things you dislike: Going to sleep alone and the nose sucker

  Big Events: Meeting Santa, Lights of the Ozarks, and Christmas